NY Helmets to Hardhats

Fatal Mistakes recently donated to an event for a great organization called NY Helmets to Hardhats! For a little insight to their organization, here is a short excerpt from their website!

"The Helmets to Hardhats Program was conceptualized in 2002 and rolled out nationally in 2003 to assist Post 9/11 Veterans transition into careers in the Building Trades.  New York with it’s rich union density and high Veteran population, was one of the original launch site for the program.  To date, over 3,000 Veterans in New York State have started construction careers.  NY Helmets to Hardhats has a team of dedicated professionals dedicated to your transition"

Here at Fatal Mistakes, we support any and all who have the back of our military, whether active or veteran, and our first responders! 


To find out more about NYH2H, visit their website at http://nyh2h.org/ or through Facebook/Instagram @NYH2H.

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